Tech Expert FAQ


Why do people volunteer?

Everyone has their own reason(s), but some of the more frequent reasons include that people want to:

  1. Support the Philly startup community
  2. Learn more through the interactions
  3. Meet more people


How to join?

Just sign up via email. We have no long forms to fill out. We will figure the rest out via email.


How much of an expert do I need to be?

Well, expert is a relative term. Some of the tech questions are fairly simple (ex. app design & estimation), and others much more advanced. In other words, you do not have to be a ‘world class expert’, but it goes without saying that we want to provide accurate and reliable advice.


How much of a time commitment is it (for a tech expert)?

We try to keep the time commitment short, and people only participate when they have time.


We keep the time commitment low due to:

  1. People volunteering when they have time and interest (each person can decide which ideas are of interest, as well as when they have time). 
  2. It being ‘transactional guidance’ (an hour or two, not a long term mentoring relationship).
  3. It is a ‘delayed’ commitment – first just look at ideas, and then volunteer for something specific when there is time/interest
  4. Since the people seeking help are ‘pre-vetted’, there is less ‘noise’  (i.e. making sure they actually need tech help, not marketing) – and we are continually looking for ways to improve the vetting process.

Why is this needed?

Entrepreneurs often need advice/guidance (at various stages of the life cycle – from ‘simple tech’, to challenging scalability & security issues).


Within big companies, there are internal informal networks (some good, some not so good), where senior people are sought – to get feedback / advice.  In a startup, that ‘internal network’ does not exist, but this service provides an even better alternative for people within our Philly Startup Leaders ecosystem.