General FAQ


What is ‘Philly Startup Tech’?

We are a group of technical experts that came together through the PSL community. We have volunteered to provide free guidance and advice to ventures in the Philadelphia area. 


Why was it started?

The goal is to grow more successful businesses in Philly.


We aim to provide honest and direct feedback.  We want to validate and critique ideas (from a tech perspective). Providing technical advice enables ventures to either move forward with a better game plan, or fail fast - we believe in iterating to success!


How to join?

Just sign up via email  (either to get guidance, or to become one of our tech experts). We will email you instructions to continue and start a discussion.


How many tech experts are available?

We have 40+ volunteers (and more are always joining)!


Do all requests for advice get fulfilled?

No – we try to find a good match, but that doesn't always happen. Someone in the group needs to step forward and volunteer to meet with a requester. If no one is available to take on a request at the time we still try to provide advice and recommend re-submitting at a later time.



What is the process (life cycle of a request)?

  1. Someone submits their email address to start dialog (about needing help/guidance)
  2. Based on an initial set of questions, that person then writes-up a short description of what they are looking to achieve/learn from this guidance
  3. This gets pre-screened (and iterated if needed)
  4. Then the refined write-up gets shared with the tech volunteers
  5. One or more people volunteer (after the group discusses the concept)
  6. Then we connect the two parties
  7. The expert will meet with you to discuss the project and provide guidance (buy them a beer or coffee maybe)
  8. It's up to each party to decide what happens after that

Can I get free work out of this?
Probably not. We are about connecting people and removing technical roadblocks. The typical scenario will be that an expert will give you a free hour of time to answer questions and point you in the right direction. It's unlikely that he or she will donate much more of their valuable time to work for free.