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Need technical guidance and advice?

  • Gain access to local technical experts
  • Post technical and business questions right off the bat
  • We try to match you with an experienced mentor from our pool of talent
  • You will more likely find a good match if you have already done the work to validate your idea
  • General FAQ
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Want to offer technical advice and guidance?

  • You will gain access to rising stars in the Philadelphia business community
  • We connect you with motivated talent that is developing new business
  • Get access to potentials business partners in the area
  • Other technical networking opportunities
  • Tech FAQ
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This project was born out of the Philly Startup Leaders (PSL) community and the discussions on that mailing list.  
And 50+ other local tech experts



We simply connect people to technical experts.  We are building a support network to provide free guidance and advice.   Our goal is to get more startups off the ground and successful in Philly. We believe in validating ideas, failing fast and iterating to success.


We want to bring more people into our Philly network.  Please sign up above according to which side makes the most sense for you.  We will figure out the rest via email. It's that simple. And this resource will grow based on feedback over time.


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